Acceptance in D&D

I want to talk to you today about my favorite section of the Players Handbook for 5th edition.   Now that might seem like a bit of an odd topic.  Even more so when I mention that it’s not just a section, or a page, but it specifically is two paragraphs.   Continue reading


D&D Beyond Beta Update

Just a quick update on the Beta I mentioned before.  It it going to be released in three phases and phase one is up and running.   You can still sign up I believe but in order to access everything you will have to either sign in, or create, a twitch account.   Not sure why but that’s how they have it set up at this time.

Tales from Behind the Screen Vol. 2

For the first half of this story, please read the first posting of Tales from Behind the Screen…

So, when we last left off, our band of players had gathered around the table to play some D&D.  The catch of course being that we were all playing with a first time DM (me), playing an all new edition of D&D (5th Edition) that none of us had ever played every before and I had chosen for my first adventure an extremely deadly dungeon (Mines of Madness) based on a webcomic (PvP) by an artist (Scott Kurtz) who was in turn inspired by the deadliest dungeon of perhaps all time (The Tomb of Horrors).   Come on, with all those things going for it, how bad could it be right?

***Spoiler alert:   Anyone who is thinking about going through this adventure as a player who doesn’t want anything spoiled stop reading now.  I strongly suggest if you are going to play this dungeon you really don’t want the surprises ruined for you because that is part of the fun.  If you are a DM who is planning on running this or a player who never intends to step into the dungeon, please read on.*** Continue reading

Tales from Behind the Screen

When it comes to DMing, I actually plan on having two ongoing series about what it’s like to be a DM and how you can improve your abilities behind the screen.   I am by no means an expert myself.   I am still learning new things everyday and am fully aware there are plenty of DM’s out there with both more experience and who are better at it then I can ever hope to be.   But I think that’s a good thing too.  I think every DM out there always has more to learn and there is always room for improvement.  Plus you have to keep in mind that every DM and every group is different and that there is no “right” way and “wrong” way to do it.  There are tips that can help people, but the bottom line is you have to do what works best for whatever group you are running.  However I do hope that some of the experiences and tips and I can share with you will help others.   I want to encourage current DM’s to always strive to improve and encourage players to maybe try their hand at DMing.   It always helps to know how to DM in case you have a chance at an impromptu game.  Continue reading

D&D Beyond Announcement at PAX East 2017

Just a quick notice for anyone who may be interested.   D&D Beyond was recently announced at PAX East this past weekend.   They are now allowing people to sign up for their beta.  They haven’t released many details yet but it appears to be their foray into releasing digital tools for the community.   Now it is still unclear if this will be a free service or require some sort of subscription.   This is not the first time it has been mentioned as being worked on or release so it’s still early to tell how this will progress but for those who are interested in that sort of thing I wanted to pass along the information we have so far and will update with more as soon as I become aware of it.   They also have a twitter account @DnDBeyond which can lead you to the beta sign up, or a quick google search will as well.   I tried to post a link but it doesn’t seem to be working that way.

Why We Play

When someone asks me what I like to do for fun, my answer is always simple.   One word is all I need.  While I do have various hobbies and activities I love to take part in, when it boils down to just plain “fun” the answer is easy enough – I’m a gamer.

Now while that sentence is simple, the fact is I do not choose that specific word lightly.   Gamer.   I don’t say “I play D&D.”  I don’t say “I like the Xbox.”   I don’t say “I enjoy board games.”   I simply say, gamer.   Because I love all sorts of gaming.   Video games, board games, card games, puzzle games, tile games, and of course table top gaming.   Above all else though, table top gaming is my favorite.   The question posed today is . . . why?  Continue reading

For the Love of the Roll

     Greetings.   I would like to welcome you to “For the Love of the Roll”.  If you are here you are most likely a table top gamer, such as myself.   I’d like to thank you for visiting my site.   What I plan to do here is to discuss one of my favorite hobbies, table top gaming.   We will be covering all sorts of topics of the hobby, from the aspect of both players and DM’s.  We will discuss the history of the game and why we play it.  I will share some of my own experiences and hopefully you will enjoy hearing about them and can use them to help improve your own games.   Continue reading