For the Love of the Roll

     Greetings.   I would like to welcome you to “For the Love of the Roll”.  If you are here you are most likely a table top gamer, such as myself.   I’d like to thank you for visiting my site.   What I plan to do here is to discuss one of my favorite hobbies, table top gaming.   We will be covering all sorts of topics of the hobby, from the aspect of both players and DM’s.  We will discuss the history of the game and why we play it.  I will share some of my own experiences and hopefully you will enjoy hearing about them and can use them to help improve your own games.        Perhaps you are an inspiring DM yourself and just don’t know how to take that plunge and have come for some advise or tips.   Perhaps you are a player and trying to decide which adventure you would like to experience next.  We will be discussing all different aspects of the game and sharing all sorts of what I hope will be both entertain and enjoyable information.   Whether you are an experienced player of 30 years or you are just about to roll your first critical, I hope to offer up things that you can take to your own tables and share with your group.

     For the most part we will be dealing with the Dungeons and Dragons format, specifically, their 5th edition gameplay.  It’s what I’m currently playing and it is actually the only one I have ever DM’d in.  I’m sure in the course of events we will touch on older editions or other formats but a lot of what is shared about 5th can be applicable to other gaming systems or older editions.  I’ll share my love for the game and stories of how I came into it and how I started to DM myself.   I’ll point you to resources that have helped me and that I think are worth passing along.   Hopefully we can start a dialog about various aspects of the current edition as well as about the game as a whole and about the gaming culture overall.   Why we play.  How we play.   Where to play.

So come along, have a seat at my table, may the 20’s be many and the 1’s not kill us.   Let’s discuss our thoughts and passion, For the Love of the Roll.


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