Tales from the Yawning Portal

Just wanted to touch base, I’m still here, just real life has reared it’s ugly head.   I’ve been having to “adult” the past couple weeks, a lot of family stuff going, nothing bad just family events and I’ve been busy prepping up a new game I’m about to start up.   Rest assured though I have plenty more topics I am eager to talk about.

In news, I got my copy of Tales from the Yawning Portal yesterday.   I have not had a chance to get through it much yet as I got home late but I do plan on giving some feedback about it soon.   I actually found out yesterday I needed to run an impromptu game this Friday I was not expecting to run so I have decided to run them through White Plume Mountain.  I figure I will do a “review on the run” and see how it turns out and will let you all know.   In addition I am running a second game with my regular group I run for on Saturday with a Special Guest player.   I will try to post on both next week.  And hopefully can start giving some feedback on Tales from the Yawning Portal as well.

I look forward to posting more soon.